What Is The Best Office Coffee Machine For A Modern Employer?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the modern workplace, employers are constantly seeking innovative ways to create a stimulating and enjoyable environment for their employees.
Best Office Coffee Machine

A key player in this attempt is the office coffee machine. Coffee has become an integral part of office culture, and selecting the right coffee machine is crucial to meet the needs and expectations of today’s modern workforce. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve delved into the factors you should consider when selecting an office coffee machine, alongside some of the best brands to consider.

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What Is A Modern Employer?

A modern employer is someone who acknowledges the evolving expectations and needs of their workforce. They’re committed to creating a comfortable, dynamic and inspiring workplace. For such employers, coffee plays a significant role as an experience that fosters connectivity and productivity.

In today’s world, where remote work and flexible schedules have become more common, modern employers understand the importance of creating an inviting office space. They recognise that the office isn’t just a place to work but a space for collaboration, creativity and wellbeing. Coffee is an essential component of this strategy, providing a stimulating experience for employees.

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What Should You Consider When Selecting An Office Coffee Machine?

When selecting the best office coffee machine, you should consider capacity, the features your employees want, the dietary preferences of your workforce and the budget for your vending programme.

Capacity – You need to assess how many employees you work with alongside their coffee consumption. For a small office, a single-serve coffee maker might suffice. In contrast, larger offices may require bean-to-cup machines to meet the demand.

Features – Modern office coffee machines come with a wide array of features. Consider options like multiple brew strengths, espresso capabilities, milk foam and the ability to make specialty drinks such as cold brew. Features like touchless operation and remote management are especially important in a post-pandemic world.

Dietary Preferences – Modern workplaces embrace diversity, which means accommodating various dietary preferences. Ensure the coffee machine can brew different types of coffee, from regular to decaf, and offer milk alternatives for those who are lactose intolerant or prefer plant-based options. After all, 3 in 10 Brits use plant-based milk in their coffee!

Cost – Cost is another significant factor in the decision making process. Whilst you don’t want to compromise on quality, you need to consider your budget. Remember that the long-term savings and productivity benefits can often outweigh the initial investment.

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What Are The Different Types Of Coffee Machine?

There’s several types of office coffee machines to choose from. Each type has its advantages and is suitable for different office environments and employee preferences.

Traditional Espresso Machine – Traditional espresso machines are ideal for offices with a coffee connoisseur workforce. They allow for precise control over the brewing process, making it possible to create the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latte. 

Bean-to-Cup Machines – Bean-to-cup machines grind coffee beans and brew a fresh cup for each user. They’re perfect for those who appreciate the taste of freshly ground coffee.

Single Serve Coffee Makers – Popular for convenience, single-serve coffee makers use coffee pods to create a consistent cup every time. They’re quick and create minimal mess.

Filter Coffee Machines – A simple and cost-effective option, filter coffee machines brew larger quantities of coffee at once. They’re perfect for offices with a high volume of coffee drinkers or for hosting meetings and events. 

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The Benefits Of A Coffee Machine In The Office

In the office, a coffee machine provides endless benefits. They’ve been proven to boost productivity, enhance culture, cut back on costs for employees and provide convenience during the working day.

Productivity Boost – Caffeine is a powerful stimulant; one that has been proven to keep employees energised and focused. Quick access to it can reduce time wasted on coffee runs, resulting in increased productivity and improved overall work quality.

Enhanced Office Culture – Coffee breaks are not just about caffeine; they encourage interaction, team bonding and relaxation. This gives employees a chance to connect, share ideas and build stronger working relationships.

Cost Savings – Offering coffee at the office is often more cost-effective for employees than buying it from cafes daily. This can also reduce the financial burden on employees, making them feel more valued by their employer.

Convenience – An office coffee machine provides coffee exactly how you like it, without leaving the office. This convenience can be a game-changer, especially during busy work days when time is limited.

Selection Of The Best Office Coffee Machines

The Best Office Coffee Machine Brands

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we collaborate with a range of brands to provide a selection of enviable office coffee machines. 

Franke Coffee Machines 

Franke coffee machines are renowned for their precision, consistency and innovative technology. The brand offers a wide range of durable machines to suit different office sizes and preferences. Our recommendations include the Franke SB1200 for dairy free beverages without contamination, and the Franke A600 for a fresh milk all-rounder.

Coffetek Coffee Machines

Coffetek coffee machines are known for their durability and user-friendly interfaces. The brand utilises Italian-style craftsmanship to deliver exceptional products every time. Our recommendations include the Coffetek Vitro X4 Duo for barista-style hot drinks coupled with fresh leaf tea, and the Coffetek Vitro S5 MIA for hot and cold milk foam.

Jura Coffee Machines

Jura is a brand that’s synonymous with luxury and excellence. Their sleek and user-friendly coffee machines are perfect for offices that prioritise style and top-notch coffee. Our recommendations include the Jura X10 for more than thirty different drink specialties, and the Jura X6 for simple, yet great-tasting espresso. 

Westomatic Coffee Machines

Westomatic machines are designed to be user-friendly and reliable. The brand provides a range of options to cater to your specific needs, from simple coffee makers to large-capacity machines. Our recommendations include the Westomatic Primo Maxi for ease of use, and the Westomatic Autorista for customisable and flavoured add-ons.

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Rent, Lease, Or Purchase A Coffee Machine With Oasis

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we make it easy to source the best coffee machine for your office. You can choose to rent, lease, or purchase your perfect fit, depending on your budget and requirements. 

Whichever option you choose, we provide flexible options to meet your needs and managed services so that your time can be spent where it’s needed the most. To find your perfect fit, contact us today.

October 25, 2023

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