Dual Milk Coffee Machine; The Future Of Workplace Vending

Do you prefer a dairy free alternative to milk? With Franke’s dual milk coffee machine technology, you’ll be spoilt for choice!
Franke A800 Coffee Machine in the background of a coffee shop.

Have you heard of Franke’s dual milk coffee machine? In the UK alone, 1 in 3 of us prefer plant-based milk in our hot drinks. Some of us are allergic to dairy, some have made a conscious choice for the environment, and others simply prefer the taste.

With the demand for dairy-free alternatives growing daily, coffee chains, cafes and restaurants have consciously introduced a range of choice. And coffee machine manufacturers are catching up. 

Last year, Franke developed dual milk coffee machine capability; a double milk dispenser capable of storing two different milk options in the same machine. The breakthrough in workplace vending was an exciting moment for the industry, and well-received by non-milk drinkers in the office and beyond.

Here’s everything you need to know about Franke’s innovation, and the benefits of consuming dairy free milk in your coffee!


A range of dairy free nut milks in glass bottles, surrounded by nuts.

What Are The Benefits Of Consuming Dairy Free Milk?

Dairy has unfortunate consequences on our environment. Through the production of methane, cows contribute to global warming. And as opposed to plant-based alternatives, their milk production results in three times as much greenhouse gas emissions and requires ten times as much land.

Cow’s milk, of course, is a major source of our calcium. But fortified alternatives have been proven to provide the exact amount we need. 

With Franke’s dual milk coffee machine, you’ll have the freedom to make your own choice. Here’s some of the key benefits of the UK’s favourite dairy free milks.

Oat Milk – Is a great source of B vitamins, which don’t usually occur in vegan diets. Typically fortified with vitamin B2 and vitamin B12, you’ll find between 25% and 100% of your daily value in one cup. 

Soy Milk – Contains natural antioxidants called isoflavones. Antioxidants, as we know, help to reduce the impact of ageing and the onset of chronic disease. 

Coconut Milk – Is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antifungal. High in lauric acid, it destroys a wide variety of disease-causing organisms to help protect the body from infections and viruses.

Almond Milk – Contains a high dose of vitamin E, which can help to lower your risk of serious health conditions like stroke and heart disease.


Franke A800 Coffee Machine with cup holder in the background of an office

So, What About The Dual Milk Coffee Machine? 

Available with the Franke A800, dual milk capability is a customisable, dietary and *allergy friendly all-rounder. Unparalleled in performance, and designed for areas with heavy footfall, Franke’s A800 dual milk coffee machine is quickly becoming one of the UK’s favourite coffee machines. 

Click here to find out more about the Franke A800, including how you can purchase or rent your own with Oasis Coffee & Vending. 

Will it be an oat milk latte or a soy cappuccino? With Franke and Oasis Coffee & Vending, the choice is yours! 

*Both types of milk in the dual milk coffee machine are dispensed through the same spout . However, the installation of a separate fridge for plant-based alternatives will keep both options separate. 



June 16, 2022

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