How Office Vending Can Encourage People To Return To Work

Three years ago, the COVID pandemic forced the nation’s workforce into their homes. And now, as employers seek ways to encourage a return to the office, food and drink vending may be the answer!
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In 2020, COVID drastically altered the way we worked. Overnight, remote working became the norm for 46.6% of employees. Our living rooms became our studies, and flexi-hours meant we could choose our working patterns. 

Three years on from the initial pandemic, many companies have kickstarted efforts to encourage employees to return to the office. However, as the University of Strathclyde found that fewer than 10% of employees want to return to work full-time, an emphasis on ‘collaborative working’ hasn’t proved to be tempting enough alone.

Micro-Market As An Example Of Office Vending

The Benefits Of Office Vending For Employees 

When EURest asked 1,000 workers what would tempt them to return to work, 77% of respondents agreed that free food and drink would be at the top of their list. An office vending programme has proven time and time again to increase employee retention, raise overall performance and provide opportunities for social interaction. Here are some of those benefits in more detail.


Potential Cost Savings 

In the midst of a cost of living crisis, the provision of food and drink services can result in cost savings for your employees. As interest rates have risen 11 times in a row, and inflation reached 10.4% in February alone, the average cup of coffee is around 50% more expensive than it was a year ago. But in the office, that same cup of coffee is free. Similarly, subsidised catering is more affordable than food shopping or grabbing lunch on the go.


Positive Impact On Productivity 

Enjoyed by 70% of UK workers every day, coffee is an essential ingredient for boosted productivity. Packed with caffeine, it’s shown to improve memory and cognitive function. It can help us remain alert, solve problems faster and focus on tasks harder. When we’re faced with a mental block, taking a coffee break can even help to refocus our attention. 

Likewise, healthy food is also key! Nutritional snacks packed with wholefoods can increase our energy and reduce our risk of illness and disease. 


Shows Colleagues That They Are Valued 

Office vending can even highlight the proactive attitude that your business takes when it comes to wellbeing and mental health. It shows that you encourage the taking of breaks, and value an employee’s time away from their desk. During COVID, many of us felt the negative impact that lockdown had on our mental health, which is why it’s even more important to remind our colleagues that they’re valued.


A Means Of Social Interaction 

Finally, an office vending programme can lead to opportunities for social interaction that 68% of us missed from home. Coffee can welcome new clients, help to break down awkward social barriers and encourage new starters to socialise with their peers. A breakout space for lunch, such as a Micro-Market, can also encourage departments to mingle during breaks and form collaborative relationships that they’d likely miss out on from working remotely. 

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How Else Can You Encourage Colleagues To Return To The Office?

Implementing an office vending programme may be one of the strongest ways to encourage your employees to return to the office, but it isn’t the only way. Here’s some other methods you can pair with the allure of food and drinks services to make your workplace desirable again. 



  • Offer Flexible & Hybrid Working – Rather than opt for a full-time return, consider implementing a flexible or hybrid working arrangement so that your colleagues may enjoy some of the perks that came with working from home.




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How To Organise An Office Vending Programme Of Your Own 

At Oasis, we understand that your time is valuable. As a HR Professional, Office or Facilities Manager, we know that you’ve got multiple tasks to focus on at once. That’s why take the pressure out of your hands and organise your office vending programme for you! Here’s what that process looks like. 


  1. Contact Oasis Coffee & Vending, and tell us a bit about your organisation and employees. Make sure you include the footfall in your workplace, and the programme that you’re seeking – be it coffee alone or a wider snack and refreshment system. 


  1. We’ll go away and prepare a bespoke office vending programme for you. We may suggest a Micro-Market for a larger venue, or a barista-style bean to cup coffee machine with a snack vending machine for a smaller office. 


  1. Once we’ve agreed on the programme that is right for you, our British-based engineers will visit your workplace to install your vending solution. We’ll even provide maintenance and cleaning services where necessary. 


To encourage your staff to return to the office, contact Oasis Coffee & Vending today.



April 13, 2023

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