How To Choose The Right Coffee Machine For Your Office Environment

In the office, coffee is part of our everyday routine. It’s been proven to boost productivity and creative flair, while reducing feelings of stress and fatigue. It opens a path to social encounters, one our colleagues can thrive from. And most importantly, it tastes great. Ask yourself, isn’t it about time you chose the right coffee machine for your office environment?


Long gone are the bleak days of the kettle and instant coffee jars. Nowadays, businesses are looking to serve better quality coffee. And with the advancements in office vending, it’s never been easier.

That being said, the market of choice is constantly growing. And choosing the right commercial coffee machine for your business can be daunting. But that’s where we come in!

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we’re somewhat connoisseurs. With 48 years of experience in the commercial coffee industry, we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to help you find the best office vending solution for your business. From bean-to-cup to traditional espresso, the choice is yours, with a helping hand from us!


What Should You Consider?

Company Size

The size of your office is the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right coffee machine. If you’re a small to medium size business with less than 20 employees, a filter coffee machine like Bravilor’s THA would suffice. This provides brewed coffee that can be personalised with milk and sweeteners.

If you’re a medium to large size business with less than 50 employees, a bean to cup machine like Jura’s Giga X8C – X8 would be more appropriate. And if you have over 100 employees, a high volume bean to cup machine with a powerful dispense rate is the best option; Coffeetek’s Neo Plus is one of our favorites.

It’s vital that you have a rough estimate of the number of cups your desired machine can dispense. It’s all in the demand, you see.


Boardroom Meeting; Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines


You also need to consider dispense time and ease of use. Some commercial coffee machines require training to use. But for larger offices, this isn’t time-effective. Instead, it’s important that your machine is fast and uncomplicated to avoid queues at peak times. In this scenario, a self-serving bean to cup machine is the ideal option.

If your office is smaller, you may choose to opt for a coffee machine that is just as convenient, but more affordable. Capsule machines are easy to use, compact and versatile.


Environmental Impact

To build a better future, you may want to consider the environmental impact of your coffee machine. For example, compostable coffee beans are a more sustainable approach to coffee capsules. Some machines, such as Franke’s A600, even have smart energy systems to ensure effective use of power.


Sustainability Graphic; Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines

Types Of Commercial Coffee Machine

Bean To Cup

Bean to cup machines are the most popular on the market. They’re versatile, fast-working and provide hundreds of high quality beverages per day, without the need for trained baristas. Equipped with easy-to-navigate control panels, your colleagues will tap their beverage of choice, adjust the settings to their liking and wait only seconds; the machine will freshly grind the coffee beans, combine with any selected add-ons and present the drink.

The key advantages of Bean To Cup machines are:

  • Fully automated systems without the need for training.
  • Freshly ground and brewed espresso at the touch of a button.
  • Customisable capacity – for any size business.
  • Environmentally friendly, using beans instead of capsules.


Oasis Coffee & Vending’s favourite Bean To Cup models include:

  • Jura WE6; for programmable and individually adjustable coffee strengths and brewing temperatures. Best for small sized offices.
  • Franke A100; for precise grinding, a unique programmable milk foam system and steam guarantee maximum output. Best for medium sized offices.
  • Coffetek Zensia; for reduced energy consumption and a wide range of barista-style drinks. Best for large sized offices.


Bean To Cup Machine; Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee Machines

Filter machines offer one of the simplest and most cost-effective approaches to fresh coffee. They require ground beans to function, brewed directly into a glass jug or dispenser ready for your colleagues to self-serve. Fit with hot plates, your coffee will be kept at the ideal drinking temperature throughout the day

The key advantages of Filter Machines are:

  • Simple to use, with an effective outcome.
  • Freshly brewed coffee, available throughout the day. 
  • Customisable capacity – for any size business. 
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other market models. 


Oasis Coffee & Vending’s favourite Filter models include: 

  • Bravilor THA; for fresh filter coffee with digital controls. Best for small sized offices. 
  • Moccaking Filter; for adjustable hot plates and locked-in technology. Best for medium sized offices.
  • Bravilor Mondo Twin; for fast paced environments with no need for a water mains connection. Best for large sized offices.


Filter Machine; Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines

Espresso Coffee Machines

Traditional espresso machines, also known as barista-style machines, are designed to cope in fast-paced environments. Though usually found in cafes and restaurants, and pricier than other models, they can be installed in the office too. Alongside an incorporated milk steamer, espresso machines utilise high pressures to extract flavour from ground coffee. If your business has an in-house barista with the skill to operate the machine and train their colleagues, it’s the perfect option. 

The key advantages of espresso machines are:

  • Vast selection of beverages.
  • Seen as the best solution for connoisseurs of coffee. 
  • Environmentally friendly, using beans instead of capsules.  


Oasis Coffee & Vending’s favourite espresso models include: 

  • La Giusta Gaggia; for a customisable touch screen display, energy saver and maximum reliability. Best for medium to large sized offices. 
  • Gaggia Milano La Reale; for cutting-edge barista technology. Best for medium to large sized offices.


Espresso Machine; Types Of Commercial Coffee Machines


Any Additional Features? 

Touch Free Technology 

Touch free technology is a new health and safety measure that can be added to existing coffee machines. The technology allows the user to obtain products from the machine, without physical contact with the machine’s surface. This can be achieved through distance selection technology, or an app.

Fresh Milk Machines 

For the benefit of taste, coffee made using fresh milk is the closest to a barista-style beverage. You can view Oasis Coffee & Vending’s range of fresh milk machines here.


Do you feel like a commercial coffee connoisseur? For any further advice, reach out to our team today. And don’t forget to read our ‘Coffee Machine Buying Guide’, courtesy of our sister company, Oasis Vending Supplies. 


February 10, 2022

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