Micro-Markets; The Future Of Unattended Retail In Your Workplace!

A revolution in office vending and beyond, a Micro-Market places an unmanned convenience store in the heart of your workplace.
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It’s lunchtime in the office. Traditionally, employees will take to the highstreet to purchase their lunch. An expensive, time-consuming habit, this practice has been valued as the norm for years. But is there an alternative that’s better suited to our needs? Absolutely!

In recent years, unattended retail options have seen a rise in popularity. Most commonly known as Micro-Markets, this option forms a compact, self-serve store that provides fresh food and drink options 24/7. Automated, without the need for staff, they’re favourable for their range of options, simplicity and accommodation.

More than just a vending machine, Micro-Markets are otherwise known as ‘Mini Canteens’. In operation 24/7, they’re an innovative solution for office vending, proven to lower overheads, promote staff wellbeing and productivity. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t.

Here’s why your workplace could benefit from the installation of a Micro-Market!


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What’s The Difference Between A Vending Machine And A Micro-Market?

Micro-Markets fall under the vending category, but they’re entirely different to your standard snacks or drink machine. Most noticeably, they provide a higher volume of products. Where traditional vending machines are usually built with the capacity to hold around 40 products, a Micro-Market kiosk can stock up to 300 products, including salads, warm meals, sandwiches and more.

Moreover, traditional vending machines typically contain pre-packaged and processed foods. Micro-Markets, however, are restocked daily with fresh, healthier alternatives. We know that healthy food is linked to increased concentration and boosted productivity; with a Micro-Market, our colleagues are better prepared for the working day.

Unlike vending machines, typical of most workplaces, Micro-Markets can even leave visitors with a good outward impression. Thanks to their sleek design, progressive reputation and appearance, they’re particularly valuable for client-facing ventures.


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Can Micro-Markets Increase Employee Wellbeing?

It’s vital that our colleagues feel valued at work. Micro-Markets, with a customisable range of hot and cold food and drink choices, are tailored to your colleagues likes and dislikes, dietary requirements and allergies. They can be built to include barista-style coffee machines, to provide high-quality hot drinks throughout the working day. And accessible 24/7, they provide a space for your colleague to relax – if fit with a dining area – and choose healthier alternatives to highstreet lunches.

Entirely bespoke, they deliver an experience suited to the fast-paced life of a busy office environment.


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So, What Are The Benefits For Employers?

Aside from promoting employee wellbeing and productivity, Micro-Markets present an avenue for extra income by giving your staff the option to purchase food and drinks within the office space. Moreover, they can reduce the overhead costs of outdated canteens, by removing the need for staff.

Fit with contactless payment options, they’re an innovative, forward-thinking approach to your workplace.


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Are Micro-Markets Secure From Theft?

Most people considering Micro-Markets are often concerned with security. An open-planned and unmanned concept, it’s assumed that employees will operate on an honour system when purchasing their food and drinks. But this isn’t true! There are various ways to ensure the security of your Micro-Market, including:

Video Surveillance; linked to your existing office security team.

Digital Locks; instantly activated when inventory is unaccounted for.

Digital Shelves; records the item as soon as it is picked up.


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Micro-Markets With Oasis Coffee & Vending 

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we can work closely with you to plan, design and install a Micro-Market exceptionally suited to your colleagues needs. We’ll collaborate on a strategy to transform your space, and be on hand for advice and guidance. We can source your barista-style coffee machines, fridges, microwaves and other large or small catering items. 

Our skilled, highly-experienced installation experts are British-based and work with the best materials to give a long lasting, quality finish. And even when the installation is complete, we’ll be on hand to guide your staff through the self-serve process and restock your food and drink options when necessary.


March 15, 2022

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