Seven Ways To Save Energy In The Workplace

As the cost of living increases in the UK, it’s vital that businesses save energy where they can without disrupting their workforce. From investing in energy efficient appliances to dialling down on the printing, here’s what you can do to save energy in the workplace!
Save Energy In The Workplace - Energy Rating

In the United Kingdom, businesses, individuals and public services alike are facing a cost of living crisis. Before the government announced a £25 billion financial package of support for all UK businesses, charities and public sector organisations, the energy price cap was set to rise by 80% in October. However, the ‘Energy Bill Relief Scheme’ will reduce the predicted increase by around 50% for the next six months. 

Though the package will provide relief to businesses in the short term, the Department of Energy and Climate Change found that the average SME could still reduce their energy bills by 18-25%. How? By installing energy efficiency measures and implementing necessary behavioural change! 

At Oasis, we understand the toll that looming energy bills can have on your workforce. That’s why we’ve explored some of the ways in which you can save energy in the workplace, alongside the government’s Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

Energy Audit

Conduct An Energy Audit 

To save energy in the workplace, the first step is to complete an energy audit. Without it, how are you expected to know where you can save costs? In your audit, assess the efficiency of your devices, identify any draughts in windows and doors and review your lighting usage. With your findings, you can begin to make the necessary changes to save energy and therefore costs. 

Replace Existing Lightbulbs With LED’s 

When left on all day, inefficient lighting can add big bucks to our energy bills. But LED’s, as an ideal efficient replacement, can save up to 75% of energy when compared with traditional fittings! 

In the main workspace, replace your light bulbs with our recommended LED counterparts. And in meeting rooms, storage areas and corridors, ensure the lights are only on when they need to be.

Colleagues In Work Kitchen Socialising

Save Energy In The Workplace With Efficient Equipment 

One of the simplest ways to save energy in the workplace is to replace your outdated equipment with their efficient counterparts. But don’t just stop at PC’s; overlooked kitchen equipment can often be the easiest place to make cutbacks!

Replacing your refrigerator can save at least 10-20% on your energy usage alone. Similarly, updating your old coffee machine to a newer, more efficient model can help to make those necessary reductions. 

For an efficient, low-cost cup of coffee, we recommend the Coffetek Vitro X4. With a low energy consumption, it will automatically enter energy saving mode when it’s not in use. 

Similarly, Borg & Overstrom’s water dispensing devices feature instant and consistent cooling technology that doesn’t require an ice bank. This results in efficient energy consumption. 

When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, opt for a system with an energy efficiency rating of A – such as Polar’s C-Series range.

Replacing your equipment does come with an upfront cost, but it will have a positive impact on your bills in the long run.

Save Energy In The Workplace - Unplugged Plugs

Unplug Your Appliances When Not In Use 

Face it; we’ve all been tempted by the standby button. But the average printer left on standby can cost almost three times as much to run than it does when it’s off. Similarly, when left on all year, the breakroom microwave can tally up an extra £10 on the energy bill

Though the impact seems small, unplugging your devices when not in use can be an easy way to save energy in the workplace

Save Energy In The Workplace By Fixing Your Draughts 

In the winter, it’s important our colleagues feel comfortable at work. And though layers are an option, central heating is often a preferred one. To stop the warm air escaping from your workplace, and the bills from increasing, identify and fix any draughts before the coldest months come around.

Similarly, make sure your colleagues are aware of the costs of wasted heat by encouraging them to securely seal windows and doors, and keep the aircon off.

Printer With Pot Of Pens

Save Energy In The Workplace By Saving On Printing 

In the digital world, there’s no need to print hundreds of documents per day, only to shred them the following week. Instead, save on the energy that the workplace printer requires by creating a shared digital drive for your colleagues, which everyone can access during meetings, reviews and presentations. 

Allow Your Employees To Work From Home Occasionally

As a result of COVID, 24% of UK workers are classed as ‘hybrid workers’, meaning they share their time between the office and home. Adopting a hybrid approach has cut multiple costs for workplaces, specifically on the energy bills. 

With less people to heat, and less devices to power, the option of hybrid working can save energy in the workplace. 


Over the next few months, it’s important that we’re vigilant in the workplace. Though the price cap is out of our control, keeping an eye out for draughts, replacing our light bulbs and switching off devices at the end of the day can reserve energy and keep our bills down. 

If you need advice and support, visit the Energy Saving Trust. Alternatively, to enquire about an efficient vending solution for your workplace, contact our team at Oasis.

September 22, 2022

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