Six Tips To Build A More Inclusive Workplace

Did you know that 80% of employees want to work for a company that values diversity, equality and inclusion efforts?
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It’s been proven that diversity creates a stronger workforce. But creating an inclusive workplace isn’t just about employing diverse workers; instead, it’s about fostering an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and included. It requires intentional efforts to accommodate the unique needs and preferences of your workforce, and the ability to adapt to change. 

In this blog, we’ve explored six practical tips that can help you build a more inclusive workplace. From dairy free milk alternatives to inclusive holiday calendars, read on!

Inclusive Workplace - Dairy Free Milk

Dairy Free Milk Alternatives 

Among Brits, 48% of adults prefer to use a plant-based milk alternative, with the most popular options being oat and almond. However, many commercial settings are still limited in their dairy free choices, if they provide them at all.

Inclusivity begins with catering to individuals with different dietary preferences and restrictions. Fail to do so, and you may be at the receiving end of an uncomfortable conversation with a new colleague! Instead, it’s important to provide dairy-free milk alternatives to create a welcoming environment that accommodates various needs. 

Franke’s A800 and SB1200 coffee machines are an ideal choice, each built with a dual-milk fridge that provides both regular dairy milk alongside an alternative of your choice. 



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Decaf Coffee & Tea Options 

For many, caffeine provides a much-needed energy boost. However, there are some adverse side effects to the natural stimulant. Pregnant women should limit their intake, as should those who suffer from anxiety, acid reflux or hypertension. For those individuals, it’s important to provide alternative options. 

Enjoyed by one in five tea and coffee drinkers, decaffeinated coffee has skyrocketed in popularity. That’s why it’s a no-brainer to include the option in your workplace vending solution, to ensure that those who prefer or require caffeine-free beverages have a suitable choice. 

By acknowledging and addressing these preferences, you’ll demonstrate your commitment to building an inclusive workplace that caters to a diverse range of tastes and needs.



Inclusive Workplace Holiday Calendars

Inclusive Holiday Calendar 

An inclusive workplace embraces and celebrates diversity, including different cultural and religious holidays. However, some organisations are still falling behind. 

As a recent study found that nine in ten Gen Z Muslim’s would like an extra work holiday to celebrate Eid, employers have been called upon to incorporate an inclusive holiday calendar which includes Ramadan, Diwali, Hanukkah and other significant events. This simple yet practical stance will show respect and recognition for the diverse backgrounds of your employees, and foster a sense of belonging among your workforce. 



Inclusive Workplace - Man In Wheelchair

Wheelchair Accessibility

Physical accessibility is a crucial aspect of inclusivity, yet more than a quarter of offices don’t have wheelchair access! To ensure that you’re building a more inclusive workplace, it’s important to provide sufficient space for wheelchair users to navigate comfortably. You should verify that corridors and break rooms are prioritised for access, and that the height of any coffee machines and related amenities is suitable for use. 

By removing barriers to access, you can create an environment where everyone feels valued and included, no matter their requirements.



Employee Being Rewarded

Recognise & Reward Performance 

Inclusivity goes beyond the physical aspects of the workplace. It also involves recognising and rewarding the efforts and achievements of all employees. You may choose to implement a reward program that appreciates and celebrates the contributions of individual employees, or schedule a company-wide activity that highlights your gratitude as an employer. 

After all, the Appreciate Report did find that a third of UK employees feel undervalued at work



Lunch Baguette

Food Dietary Options Considered 

Finally, to build a more inclusive workplace, it’s essential to consider a wide variety of dietary options. During lunch, your employees rely on vending machines and Micro-Markets to seek sustenance, which is why gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and nut-free options should always be available. 

This ensures that employees with specific dietary requirements can find suitable choices within the workplace, avoiding any feelings of exclusion or frustration. 


At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we believe that prioritising inclusivity isn’t just a responsibility. Instead, it’s an opportunity to foster a supportive and harmonious environment that satisfies all employees.

To find out more about the ways in which we can help you build an inclusive vending solution, visit our website. Be it decaffeinated coffee or vegetarian food options, we can support you in building an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.  

June 26, 2023

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