The Benefits Of Renting A Coffee Machine

Love coffee? So do our clients, and the 75% of them who choose to rent their coffee machines rather than buying them outright! Whatever your circumstances, renting a coffee machine could be your ideal solution.
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In the workplace, educational settings, medical facilities and beyond, it’s become the norm to invest in an expert vending solution. For your colleagues, clients and customers, barista-style hot drinks can result in increased productivity, satisfaction and even sales. But if your budget is lacking, or you’re not certain on the service you’d prefer, renting a coffee machine may be an option.

Whilst renting, the coffee machine will be loaned for a predefined period of time – normally a 3 or 5 year period). Ownership of the machine will remain elsewhere but your company may use it as their own.

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, our rental agreements include training, installation, optional maintenance and servicing. They even include the option to extend the agreement once the predefined period is up. Even if you have the budget to make an outright purchase, there are plenty of benefits that can make renting a coffee machine more preferable. Here are some of them in more detail!


Renting a coffee machine - coffee machine pouring coffee into a mug

The Affordable Option 

Most advantageous, renting a coffee machine is much more affordable than buying one. Allowing for varied budgets, it will spread the total cost into manageable monthly or quarterly payments. And as the cost of living increases in the UK, it may be a sensible option too. All in all, by choosing to rent, you can significantly reduce your initial expenditure.

Oasis’ Choice; Coffetek Vitro X3 Coffee Machine


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Renting a coffee machine also provides flexibility. It means you can upgrade your equipment at the end of the rental period, and consistently test the latest technology on the market – such as Franke’s dual-milk technology.

Oasis’ Choice; Franke SB1200 Coffee Machine


Renting a coffee machine - coffee machine pouring coffee into a mug

Access To High Quality Equipment 

Where some budgets only stretch to certain coffee machines, a rental agreement allows for greater access to high quality equipment. By making a decision based on other factors rather than price, you can have greater freedom to choose the features, technologies and add-ons you desire for your business.

Oasis’ Choice; Jura X6 Coffee Machine


Coffee machine with a row of mugs on top of it

Onsite Warranty 

Often, owners of coffee machines will have to pay for engineers to upgrade and fix their equipment if a problem arises. However, rental agreements are expected to come with some degree of warranty, meaning that you won’t have to fork out for spare parts and operators when needed.

Oasis’ Choice; Westomatic Primo Compact Coffee Machine

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Renting A Coffee Machine – Making the Decision

If you’re still not sure whether to rent or purchase your coffee machine, our team is on hand to help. At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we provide entirely bespoke rental packages to suit your needs and budget. We supply our clients with training, a warranty programme and an on-site operator to ensure that your vending solution is always working as it should be.


July 19, 2022

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