The Best Commercial Coffee Machines For Small Businesses

Whether you’re a business of 30 or 300, your colleagues deserve a great cup of coffee! From Jura’s Z6 to Westomatic’s Primo Mini, here’s the best coffee machines for your small business!
Coffee machines for small businesses - two women sat at a desk drinking coffee

In any workplace, you can rely on the office coffee machine to produce a happy and productive workforce. It stimulates the mind and replenishes energy and focus. But with so many commercial options on the market, it can be difficult to find your perfect fit – especially for small businesses.

With fewer pairs of hands to pick up the workload, productivity in small business is key. And although a micro-market designed to replenish huge crowds of people won’t be the solution you’re looking for, a commercial coffee machine targeted to light footfall can be. 

In this blog, we’ve broken down four of our favourite coffee machines for small businesses. Complete with great tasting beverages, the latest innovativity and sleek designs, you’re bound to find your perfect fit. But first, let’s take a look at the qualities your coffee machine needs! 

Two men sat at a desk drinking cups of coffee

What Qualities Does My Coffee Machine Need?

For small businesses, your chosen coffee machine doesn’t need to produce hundreds of cups, but it shouldn’t sacrifice on taste. It doesn’t need multiple add-ons, but it should still feature the latest technology. And though it doesn’t need to be the standout feature in your break room, it should still be stylish. 

  • Great Tasting; a bean-to-cup machine can produce coffee most similar to that produced by a barista. 
  • Sleek & Stylish; so it’s able to fit in smaller offices.
  • Varied Choice; even though your workforce is small, they’re unlikely to have the same flavour preferences.


Coffetek Vitro S1 Espresso Machine 

Coffetek Vitro S1 Espresso Machine 

Coffetek’s Vitro S1 is a compact instant coffee machine designed to provide the highest quality of espresso-based drinks. With a 60 cup capacity, it’s designed for smaller businesses in mind. And built with a sleek touchscreen user interface, it’s an elegant and innovative addition to the workplace.

Key Features; 

  • Small But Mighty
  • Push Button Selection
  • LED Backlighting


Explore the Coffetek Vitro S1

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

Jura Z6 Machine

The Jura Z6 is built with a newly developed fluid system to produce barista specialities at the tap of a button. Able to produce a range of full-bodied and delicious hot drinks, the machine is a compact yet stylish all-rounder. And with artificial intelligence at its realm, it identifies personal preferences for intuitive dispensing.

Key Features; 

  • Ability to Copy & Personalise Drinks 
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Touchscreen Display


Explore the Jura Z6

Westomatic Primo Mini Coffee Machine

Westomatic Primo Mini Machine

Westomatic’s Primo Mini is sleek in build and sharply designed. Compatible with smaller locations, it produces high-quality hot drinks with instant coffee. Moreover, with a tidy internal layout and step-by-step on screen cleaning instructions, it’s incredibly operator friendly.

Key Features; 

  • Self Operation & Fill
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Automatic Cleaning Programme


Explore the Westomatic Primo Mini

Coffee machines for small businesses - SGL Smarty Capsule Machine 

SGL Smarty Capsule Machine 

Ideal for small businesses, the SGL smarty capsule is both compact and easy to use. Compatible with Nespresso, Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue, it can be adapted to your colleague’s individual tastes. And with a dedicated user interface, you can choose between manual or automatic coffee dosage.

Key Features; 

  • Height Adjustable Grid 
  • Manual Or Automatic Dosage
  • Intuitive Interface 


Explore the SGL Smarty Capsule


Don’t have the budget to purchase a coffee machine for your small business? With Oasis Coffee & Vending, you can rent your desired choice! Read our latest blog to find out more.

August 9, 2022

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