Why Installing A Coffee Machine Is Great For Business

With businesses looking to increase their colleagues’ wellbeing, a coffee machine could be your ultimate solution!
Bean to Cup Coffee Machine Buying Guide

In business, employee satisfaction is a crucial measure of success. It retains and attracts staff, whilst encouraging clients to onboard your services. Research has shown that communal areas, opportunities for progression and social events are key indicators of wellbeing in the workplace. But, as we exit lockdown, home comforts have proven to be just as important. 

Recently, office managers have sought to emulate these comforts through shortened working hours, access to healthy food and more. But often, the installation of a superior beverage machine is the best option!

Coffee in the workplace is an ingredient for creative spark and stress relief. For most of us, it’s crucial to the working day. But, aside from these obvious benefits, it’s great for business. It proves your dedication to employee satisfaction, creates an opportunity for a social breakout space and can even produce extra income in a period of economic uncertainty. 

With 50 years of experience in workplace vending, Oasis Coffee & Vending can help you find your perfect fit, to increase your colleagues’ wellbeing. To find out why installing a coffee machine is great for business, read on!


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A Dedication To Employee Wellbeing 

When our colleagues feel supported, they’re more likely to work productively without stress. The introduction of a stylish coffee machine in the workplace can put your colleagues in a positive mindset and help to improve overall satisfaction levels.

More than that, efforts that demonstrate your dedication as a company to employee wellbeing are often noticed by colleagues, board members, clients and beyond. 

Our Recommendation; Jura Giga X8 Coffee Machine

Improves The Working Atmosphere 

Creating a breakout area for your new coffee machine can lead to sociable opportunities for staff. And social interaction, in general, can lead to happiness and result in a sense of belonging. All in all, giving colleagues the chance to catch up over a coffee can result in better moods throughout the office.

Our Recommendation; Franke A300 Coffee Machine


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Staff Perks 

We know that staff perks can increase loyalty and overall confidence in your company. A barista-style coffee machine is often a welcomed perk! Moreover, plenty of workers agree that having access to free hot drinks show that managers care.

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Opportunities For Extra Income 

Though most coffee machines installed in the workplace are free to use, some vending solutions can actually result in opportunities for extra income. Large-scale snack vending machines can lead to increased revenue, as can Micro-Markets

A popular unattended retail option, Micro-Markets present an avenue for extra income by giving your staff the option to purchase food and drinks within the office space. They can even reduce the overhead costs of outdated canteens, by removing the need for staff!

Find Out More; Micro-Markets


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Coffee Machines Are Reliable & Low Maintenance 

Most coffee machines are self-serving, built without the need for barista assistance. They’re space-saving, time-saving – by removing the need for staff to travel outside of the office – and only require regular maintenance checks by trained engineers. 

Our Recommendation; Franke A600 Coffee Machine


To improve the reputation of your business, increase your staff wellbeing, attract new recruitment opportunities and more, consider installing a premium coffee machine in your workplace with Oasis Coffee & Vending!

April 26, 2022

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