Workplace Vending & Staff Perks In A Post-Pandemic Era

In a post-pandemic era, one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is the ability to meet employee expectations. But with food and drinks among the most valued of staff perks, is workplace vending the simple solution?
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In the year following the end of the COVID pandemic, employees have formed a new habit of working from home. Proven to increase productivity, generate a better work-life balance and bring about healthier eating habits, it’s no surprise then that a call to the office is often met with resentment.

In Forbes, behavioural scientist and leadership workforce strategist Erin Meredith said employees feel that they have more to lose than gain if they return to the office. And similarly, Metlife found that 74% of current employees are concerned about at least one aspect of their wellbeing should they venture back. 

Elon Musk’s recent call for Twitter employees to return or resign has once again triggered conversation surrounding the topic. However, staff perks, rather than threats, could be the solution employers are seeking.

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The Impact Of Staff Perks 

Following the pandemic, employers face a valuable opportunity to make changes that better support employees, attract new talent and improve overall productivity. How? With staff perks! 

Proven to increase employee retention and raise overall performance, staff perks are vital for employee satisfaction and happiness. And when your staff are happy, they’re 38% more productive than those who aren’t. 

Earlier this year, Gartner reported that employers now have an expanded role as a social safety net for their employees. Expected to provide perks such as enhanced sick leave, mental health packages, childcare provisions and subsidised memberships, their priorities must shift to reflect the changing needs of workers. And in those changing needs, habits practised in remote working conditions should also be considered. 

At home, workers were given the opportunity to take breaks from their desk, exercise during the working day and enjoy healthy, balanced food as opposed to convenience lunches. In fact, when it comes to staff perks, a survey conducted by Zerocater found that 88% of employees considered provided snacks to be important. Moreover, it found that 41% of employees would consider leaving an employer if they failed to provide snacks as a perk. 

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The Allure Of Workplace Vending 

Earlier this year, when Goldman Sachs announced that their complimentary coffee scheme would end, employees were outraged. A staff perk brought in during the pandemic, it was welcomed by all. However, its removal ultimately undermined the value of workplace vending. 

During the pandemic, lunches were less about convenience and more about nourishment. Healthier food became more accessible, and coffee breaks less expensive. But those rituals haven’t just disappeared. 

In 2021, HR News conducted a study of 180 companies in the UK and found that at least 81% of those surveyed were more likely to accept a job offer if food was offered as a staff perk. Similarly, according to USA Today, providing food to your employees can result in a job satisfaction rate of 67%. 

As a result, workplace vending, amidst other staff perks, has become a key driving factor in encouraging staff to return to the office. 

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The Benefits Of Workplace Vending 

From the first sip to a mid afternoon pick-me-up, we know that coffee is an essential ingredient to a successful working day. But healthy lunches and snacks are also key. 

Ingredients of creative spark, concentration and boosted productivity, the availability of food and drink in your workplace could increase your staff retention – or diminish it. So if you’re still unconvinced, here’s some of the advantages of workplace vending that could benefit your organisation in a post-pandemic era. 

Boosted Energy 

Caffeine is a central nervous stimulant. Present in both tea and coffee, it increases the circulation of cortisol and adrenaline to make us feel alert. This increased circulation of adrenaline also helps our colleagues to be more productive, particularly when time spent sleeping is replaced with commuting. 

Likewise, healthy wholefoods can increase our colleagues’ energy. Where convenience food from the closest corner shop is often an unhealthy option, Micro-Markets or vending machines can provide an abundance of choice in the heart of the workplace. 

No Overhead Costs 

Workplace vending solutions are cost-effective, with little to no overhead spend. Unlike a canteen, Micro-Markets and vending machines are automated, meaning you could provide subsidised options for your staff with the money saved on service wages.

Time Saving Solutions 

How much time do your colleagues waste during their lunch break leaving the office to search for options? At home, our colleagues were used to having more time for their lunch. And with an internal vending solution, they won’t have to travel far for healthy and varied food and drink.

Dietary Requirements Covered 

Micro-Markets are completely customisable, meaning that you can stock an expansive range of food and drink options suited to dietary requirements and allergies. Dairy-free products, vegan and vegetarian options can be covered, and best-selling products can be restocked more frequently. 

Similarly, coffee machines like the Franke SB1200 is fit with a combined pump to provide two milk options without risk of contamination. 

Managed Services 

At Oasis, our managed service means that you won’t have to worry about the maintenance of your workplace vending solution. In fact, we’ll restock and repair your machine should it stop working. 

At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we realise the impact of workplace vending in a post-pandemic area. And with our bespoke packages, we’re helping our clients increase their employee satisfaction, and make the transition back to the office that little bit easier. To find out more about our vending solutions, or book a consultation with our expert team, visit our website.

November 24, 2022

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