The Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines for Offices

In busy office environments of today, a superior cup of coffee isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity for productivity and morale. Oasis Coffee Vending recognises this need and offers an exclusive range of bean to cup coffee machines tailored for modern workplaces. Let’s explore why a bean to cup machine is an office must-have and guide you through our top picks, including the Coffetek Vitro X4, Coffetek Vitro X3, Franke A600, and Franke SB1200.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machine for Office

Why Choose a Bean to Cup Machine for Your Office?

Unparalleled Freshness: Bean to cup machines ensure each cup is made from freshly ground beans, offering a premium coffee experience.

Simplicity and Efficiency: These machines are incredibly user-friendly, allowing everyone to enjoy their favourite coffee with ease.

Diverse Coffee Selection: Cater to all tastes in the office with a variety of coffee options – from a robust espresso to a velvety latte.

A cup of fresh bean to cup coffee

Coffee Machine Options

Our range of bean to cup coffee machines caters to every office size and coffee preference. Here’s a closer look at our variety:

Compact Solutions: Ideal for small offices or meeting rooms. These machines, like the Coffetek Vitro X3, are designed to fit in limited spaces while still delivering a range of high-quality coffee options.

Mid-Range Models: These are perfect for medium-sized offices. Machines like the Coffetek Vitro X4 balance capacity and variety, offering something for everyone without overwhelming your space.

Premium Selections: For the discerning coffee enthusiast, models like the Franke A600 provide advanced features such as FoamMaster™ for creamy milk-based drinks and a fully customisable menu.

High-Volume Machines: Large offices and heavy usage environments will benefit from machines like the Franke SB1200. They are built to handle high demand effortlessly, ensuring everyone in your office enjoys their coffee break without delay.

Our Top Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

  • Ideal for medium to large offices.
  • Offers a wide range of drinks, including espresso, cappuccino, and latte.
  • Features a user-friendly touch screen and stylish design.
  • Perfect for smaller offices or departments.
  • Provides high-quality espresso and authentic Americano.
  • Compact size without compromising on quality and features.
  • A versatile choice for offices with diverse preferences.
  • Features FoamMaster™ technology for exquisite milk foam.
  • Customisable drink options with an easy-to-use interface.
  • The ultimate choice for large offices and high demand.
  • Offers a wide range of customisable coffee creations.
  • Robust build, designed for high volume without sacrificing quality.

Milk Options for Your Office Coffee Machine

One of the key aspects of a great coffee experience is the choice of milk. Different preferences and dietary requirements in the office mean that your coffee machine needs to be versatile in handling various milk types. Here’s a look at the milk options compatible with our bean to cup coffee machines:

1. Whole Milk: The classic choice for a rich and creamy texture. Ideal for traditional coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

2. Skimmed and Semi-Skimmed Milk: Lower in fat but still delivering a satisfactory taste and texture. Perfect for those who prefer a lighter option.

3. Non-Dairy Alternatives: To cater to lactose intolerant and vegan staff members, our machines are compatible with non-dairy milk options like soy, almond, oat, and coconut milk. These alternatives not only provide inclusivity but also offer unique flavours.

4. Lactose-Free Milk: A necessary inclusion for lactose-intolerant coffee lovers, ensuring everyone in the office can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee without discomfort.

Milk Frothing Capabilities:

Machines like the Franke A600 come equipped with advanced technology like FoamMaster™, which is exceptional at frothing both dairy and non-dairy milk options, ensuring a perfect texture every time.
The Coffetek Vitro series also offers excellent milk frothing capabilities, ensuring that each cup of coffee is just as good as the last, regardless of the milk choice.

Customisation Options:

Our coffee machines allow users to customise their drinks according to their milk preferences. This feature is particularly useful in offices where there is a diverse range of tastes and dietary requirements.

With easy-to-navigate menus and touch screen interfaces, selecting your preferred type of milk for your coffee is straightforward and user-friendly.

Health and Sustainability Considerations:

We encourage offices to consider sustainable and healthy milk options. Non-dairy alternatives not only cater to various dietary needs but also contribute to a more eco-friendly coffee culture.

Catering to Every Taste

At Oasis Coffee Vending, we believe that every cup of coffee should cater to the individual’s taste and health preferences. Our range of bean to cup coffee machines, paired with a variety of milk options, ensures that every member of your office gets their perfect cup of coffee. Explore our range and embrace the diversity of choices for your office coffee solution. Some machines allow you to offer multiple milk options simultaneously.

If you need help finding the perfect machine then feel free to get in touch. 

FAQs on Bean to Cup Machines

Q: How do I choose the right machine for my office size?

A: Consider your office size and the average number of coffee drinkers. Our range from the compact Coffetek Vitro X3 to the high-capacity Franke SB1200 ensures there’s a perfect fit for every office. If you’re still not sure then get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll help you choose the perfect machine for your office. 

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: Regular cleaning and descaling are important. We offer comprehensive maintenance services for hassle-free upkeep. Modern machines are designed to make this process as as simple as possible.

Franke SB1200 coffee machine for office

Next Steps?

Ready to elevate your office coffee experience? Browse our collection of bean to cup machines, including the Coffetek Vitro X4, Vitro X3, Franke A600, and SB1200. Contact us today for personalised recommendations or to learn more about our maintenance services. It’s time to make great coffee a part of your office culture.

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