The Best Commercial Water Coolers

On the hunt for a new water cooler? From Borg & Overstrom to AA First, in this buying guide we’ll highlight the best commercial water coolers available to buy on Oasis Coffee & Vending.

Commercial Water Cooler Buying Guide

Hydration is key; it leads to increased brain power, improved energy and an uptick in mood! And in the workplace, educational settings, medical facilities and beyond, commercial water coolers are vital. A powerful alternative to your standard water tap, they provide filtered, chilled and ultra-hygienic water at the tap of a button. 

A water dispenser with hot and cold options.

What To Consider When Buying A Commercial Water Cooler

When purchasing a commercial water cooler, there are some key factors to consider. You must take into account dispensing points per hour, the choice of cold, ambient or sparkling water, whether you need a countertop or free standing solution and plumbing capability.

Dispensing Point Per Hour

How many employees do you have? Does your venue receive high amounts of footfall? These are important questions to consider when buying a water cooler; you don’t want to fall short or over-compensate.

Cold, Ambient Or Sparkling

Commercial water coolers can be tailored to suit your colleagues and customers direct needs. In meeting rooms, fitness venues and medical facilities, cold and ambient water may be desired. However, in educational settings and the workplace, sparkling water could be a valued option.

Countertop Or Free Standing

How much available space do you have for your water cooler? For smaller venues, countertop water coolers are an ideal solution. If space isn’t an issue, free standing water coolers are popular configurations.

Bottle Fed Or Direct Feed

Some commercial water coolers require access to a mains water supply to function. However, others can be refilled with large containers throughout the day. Direct feed water coolers tend to be best for venues with high footfall, whereas smaller settings can benefit from a refill cooler instead.

Touch Free Technology

Accelerated by Covid-19, the adoption of touch free technology is a popular addition to new and existing water coolers. With it, your colleagues and customers won’t have to make physical contact with the machine, thus reducing the spread of bacteria. This is especially useful in busy venues, but is down to individual preference.

Borg & Overstrom Commercial Water Coolers

Borg & Overstrom commercial water cooler

Renowned for originality, Borg & Overstrom have delivered high-quality, pioneering innovation to the commercial market since 2001. Their products are used worldwide, built to exceed expectations.

B5 Water Cooler

Packed with instant chilled and sparkling water, the Borg & Overstrom B5 is an innovative free-standing commercial water cooling solution. It’s mains-connected, built with a shrouded faucet for hygienic protection. Optimised to be the perfect height for interaction, and fit with an illuminated dispense area, it’s a stylish addition to any environment

Key Advantages;

  • Chilled & sparkling water 35L/h
  • Dispense height 250mm
  • Alarmed drainage system

B3 Water Cooler

Available in both countertop and free standing editions, the Borg & Overstrom B3 Water Cooler is fit with a direct chill cooling system and built-in cup dispenser. Mains connected, it’s designed with a non-touch sensitive control panel for optimum hygiene, and is free of buttons to lower the risk of germ contamination.

Key Advantages

  • Chilled & ambient water 35L/h
  • Ultra-hygienic touch panel
  • Sealed, hygienic, direct-chill cooling system

AA First Commercial Water Coolers

AA First Commercial Water Cooler - Hand Pouring

A division of Circon, AA First was founded in the UK in 2000. Specialising in expert vending solutions, the brand is renowned for reliable water cooling systems, both high in quality and attractive.

Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler

The Arctic Chill 88 Water Cooler is a sound choice for venues with high footfall. Plumbed to mains water and fed through a carbon filter, it features a drip tray and 5Ltr catch container. And to combat the spread of bacteria, it’s even built with an infrared sensor to recognise
contactless prompts.

Key Advantages;

  • Chilled water 30-40L/h
  • Protection against touch contamination
  • Fit with a standard cowling and wall bracket

AA First Jazz 1000 Water Cooler

AA First’s Jazz Water Cooler is a stylish and easy-to-use bottle fed solution. Built with Sip Neo 3 self-sanitising technology and a contactless dispense, it’s a hygienic solution for the workplace and beyond. It’s both robust and reliable, designed to deliver low cost, pure drinking water.

Key Advantages;

  • Chilled water 18L/h
  • Hermetically sealed compressor R134a refrigerant.
  • Built to last

Westomatic Commercial Water Coolers

Commercial Water Cooler in centre of office

Established in the South West of England in 1966, Westomatic is a nation-leading manufacturer and distributor of vending solutions. Simplistic in both design and operation, their products are renowned for ease-of-use.

Westomatic H20 Hydration System

A water and juice refill dispenser that eradicates the need for plastic cups, Westomatic’s H20 Hydration Station is an all-round commercial water cooler. Fit with a FLUUX Triple Filtration System, the mains-fed solution eliminates microplastics and bacteria to deliver the purest water. Featuring a built-in bottle sensor and hover selection, it even removes the need for physical touch.

Key Advantages;

  • Chilled water & juice 120 Cups/h
  • Free vend and cashless payment systems
  • Screen with full continuous video advertising with sound

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