The Best Commercial Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Are you looking enjoy barista-style hot drinks, without the barista? In any commercial setting, bean to cup coffee machines are guaranteed to deliver an authentic tasting brew! From Franke to Coffetek, in this buying guide we’ll highlight the best of the bean to cup options available to buy or lease on Oasis Coffee & Vending.

Bean to cup coffee machine buying guide

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In the workplace, your favourite cafe, the university library or hospital waiting room, bean to cup coffee machines are a sound choice.

Fit with built-in grinders, they ground coffee beans to press and brew fresh caffeinated drinks in one go. They’re versatile in drink choice, simple to use and reliable. And most importantly, they produce delicious tasting coffee that your guests, clients and colleagues are guaranteed to come back for!

A symbol of appreciation, bean to cup coffee machines are growing in popularity in commercial settings. And on Oasis, there’s a huge range of choice to pick from.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Bean To Cup Coffee Machines?

They’re Great Tasting

To produce an aromatic and fresh flavour, beans are ground for each individual cup of coffee.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

Most coffee pods are made from single-use plastic, making them costly and environmentally damaging.

They’re Quick & Simple To Use

Bean to cup coffee machines conveniently and quickly grind beans, brew and pour fresh coffee with the click of a button.

They’re Versatile In Drink Choice

Many of the leading machines are built with a range of drink options – from cappuccinos to latte macchiatos.

They Can Be Implemented With Touch-Free Technology

Most bean to cup coffee machines are built with touch-free technology add-ons. This feature allows customers to make their choice via touch-distance technology, or an app, to reduce the spread of bacteria and germs.

Franke Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Modern coffee machine

Image via Franke

A world-renowned champion of commercial vending, Franke’s operations began in Switzerland over 100 years ago. Famed for reliability, their award-winning machines are built to be durable, simple to operate and maintain.

Franke A600

In recent years, the Franke A600 has redefined convenience! Enormously flexible, its self-service capabilities have dramatically improved efficiency in professional use. Built with a fresh milk frother and the option of adaptable beverages, it’s an all-round performer. A fully automatic CleanMaster system can even be included to ensure the strictest HACCP hygiene standards are met at all times.

Key Advantages;

  • Options for texturised hot milk, hot foam and cold milk.
  • Intuitive menu prompts and touchscreen display.
  • Able to produce 16+ drink options.


  • 120+ cups per day.

Franke A300

Packed with cutting-edge innovations, Franke’s A300 is incredibly versatile. Fit with a patented heating system and Franke’s unique programmable FoamMaster, it can produce over 20 different beverages that rival barista standards. And built with a CleanMaster fully automatic milk cleaning system, cleanliness is always guaranteed.

Key Advantages;

  • Options for mains water connection or manual fill tank feed.
  • Intuitive touchscreen display with multimedia function.
  • Built with three boilers for separate preparation.


  • 120+ cups per day.

Coffetek Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Stylish Coffee Machine

Image via Coffetek

Founded in the UK, Coffetek has achieved an enviable reputation for the design and manufacture of commercial vending systems. With over 30 years of knowledge, they’re trusted throughout Europe, America and Australia.

Coffetek Vitro X3

The Coffetek Vitro X3 is a popular choice for the workplace. With high pressure espresso technology, it provides authentic Italian style beverages at the tap of a button. Perfect for a self-service environment, the machine even boasts customisable systems and lighting for an uncomplicated experience.

Key Advantages;

  • Built with a fresh leaf tea function.
  • Customisable mood lighting is adaptable to the machine’s environment.


  • 120+ cups per day.

Coffetek Vitro X1 Espresso Machine

The Coffetek Vitro X1 is intuitive, elegant and compact. Easy to operate and maintain, it’s designed to adapt to a variety of fast-paced environments. Built with a variable chamber pre-infusion and dispensing system, hot or cold milk dispense and V30 brewer, it produces maximum-taste coffee.

Key Advantages;

  • Recipes and measurements are adaptable to taste.
  • Illuminated dispense area for improved user experience.
  • Built with two cup holder positions.

Jura Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Office Coffee Machine

Image via Jura

A respected manufacturer, Jura has delivered high-quality, pioneering innovation to commercial vending products since the 1930’s. Specialising in the development of bean to cup coffee machines, their products are renowned in the home and beyond.

Jura E6

The Jura E6 combines versatility with aesthetic appeal. Serving both traditional classics and specialty drinks, its ‘Pulse Extraction Process’ guarantees aroma in each cup. With an energy saving mode, touch screen display and the ability to copy and personalise drinks, it’s one of the most  innovative and highly adaptable bean to cup coffee machines on the market.

Key Advantages;

  • Hot water temperatures are programmable.
  • Intuitive menu prompts and touchscreen display.


  • 60+ cups per day.

Jura Giga X8

With a substantial cup capacity, multiple specialities and a ‘Professional Aroma Grinder’, the Jura Giga X8 is ideally tailored to the busy requirements of the workplace, hospitality venues and beyond. Built with a height-adjustable dual spout, it can create two beverages simultaneously. And fit with a ‘Professional Aroma Grinder’, it’s guaranteed to rival barista-quality standards!

Key Advantages;

  • Handy cup positioning makes the machine ideal for self-service.
  • Intuitive, high-resolution display screen.
  • Able to produce 30+ drink options.


  • 200+ cups per day.

Westomatic Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Modern Coffee Machine

Image via Westomatic

Established in the South West of England in 1966, Westomatic is a nation-leading manufacturer and distributor of vending solutions. Simplistic in both design and operation, their products are renowned for ease-of-use.

Westomatic Primo Touch

The Westomatic Primo Touch is sleek in build and sharply designed. Fit with a premium grinder and micro foamer, it produces high-quality, barista-style hot drinks that are entirely adjustable. Moreover, the machine can be customised to advertise your brand, via external wrapping or display video advertisements – an innovation that bean to cup coffee machines are renowned for.

Key Advantages;

  • Fast brewing time for speed and convenience.
  • Opportunities for brand promotion and advertisements via the digital display screen.
  • Able to produce 24+ drink options.


60-120 cups per day.

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