The Best Commercial Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Seeking a professional barista experience in the workplace and beyond? From Franke to Jura, in this buying guide we’ll highlight the best commercial fresh milk coffee machines available to buy or lease on Oasis Coffee & Vending. 

Fresh Milk Coffee Machines - Cappuccino

In any commercial setting, fresh milk coffee machines provide the closest experience to that of a barista! Using fresh milk rather than its granulated alternative, they highlight the taste of your chosen coffee beans to provide a delicious milk froth. More than that, they’re easier to adapt to dietary preferences and allergies, where a milk alternative is required.

Growing in popularity, fresh milk coffee machines are an ideal solution for locations that get through multiple cups of hot beverages per day. 

What Are The Key Benefits Of Fresh Milk Coffee Machines?

Generally, coffee machines use granulated milk instead of fresh milk. This freeze-dried alternative is longer lasting, and requires less overall maintenance once in the machine. However, fresh milk is largely preferred for its premium taste. Here are some of the machine’s key benefits! 


  • Fresh milk is an affordable, readily available option. Where powdered milk must be ordered in bulk, fresh milk is more accessible.


  • Fresh milk coffee machines produce better tasting coffee, of similar standard to a barista. Specifically in lattes and cappuccinos, they also create better milk foam.


  • Fresh milk coffee machines are capable of producing a wider selection of drinks when compared machines that use a powdered alternative. More specifically, they can be tailored to dietary preferences. 


  • The welcoming aroma and premium taste created by fresh milk is often more appreciated by clients and visitors

Franke Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Franke Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

A world-renowned champion of commercial vending, Franke’s operations began in Switzerland over 100 years ago. Famed for reliability, their award-winning machines are built to be durable, simple to operate and maintain.

Franke A400 Coffee Machine

The Franke A400 Fresh Milk Coffee Machine is packed with the latest cutting-edge technology. Fit with FoamMaster technology, it produces high-quality milk foam. And built with a CleanMaster fully automatic system, its integrated cleaning cartridge ensures optimum hygiene. With a customisable beverage menu, and clear and intuitive touch screen controls, it presents ample opportunity.

Key Advantages;

  • Easily customisable beverage menu, with 19 options.
  • Removable brewing unit.
  • CleanMaster automatic system.


  • 120+ cups per day.

Franke A1000 Coffee Machine

The Franke A1000 is guaranteed to provide a moment of luxury in every cup. Built with bean to cup capability, precise grinders, a combination boiler and unique programmable FoamMaster system, it showcases impressive individuality and expert innovation.

Key Advantages;

  • Capability of up to three precise grinders.
  • 10.4″ touch screen with multimedia function
  • Piston machine with preinfusion.


  • 250 cups per day.

Jura Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Jura Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

A respected manufacturer, Jura has delivered high-quality, pioneering innovation to commercial vending products since the 1930’s. Specialising in the development of espresso machines, their products are renowned in the home and beyond.

Jura Giga X3C Coffee Machine

With 32 programmed specialities, the Jura Giga X3C Coffee Machine is a functional, reliable and high-quality example of Swiss professionalism. High-tech, versatile and simple to use, this automatic machine is ideally tailored to the requirements of large offices, seminar and conference venue sectors.

Key Advantages;

  • Sophisticated height adjustable dual spout.
  • Large bean container with a holding capacity of 1kg.
  • Individual programming for tailored drinks.


  • 150+ cups per day.

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 boasts a newfound range of impressive features. Fit with a ‘Pulse Extraction Process’ to guarantee an exquisite aroma, and four additional highlights – including Cafe Barista, Lungo Barista, Espresso Doppio and Macchiato – it’s the brand’s most innovative addition yet.

Key Advantages;

  • Designed for simplistic use.
  • Programmed to copy and personalise drinks.
  • Easily customisable beverage menu, with 15 options.


  • 60 cups per day.

Jura Z10 Coffee Machine

Sleek in design and overall appearance, the Jura Z10 doubles the range of premium coffees. Built with a ‘Speciality Selection’ menu that runs entirely on artificial intelligence, it produces a full spectrum of hot drinks. And thanks to its Product Recognising Grinder, it can even produce cold brew specialities.

Key Advantages;

  • Doesn’t require a mains water connection.
  • Built with an energy saving mode.
  • Option of cold brew specialities.


  • 60 cups per day.

Evoca Fresh Milk Coffee Machines

Evoca Fresh Milk Coffee Machine

With a keen focus on technological innovation, Evoca has delivered on its promise to provide expert vending solutions for over 90 years. Renowned for affordable and easy-to-use solutions, the brand is a global first-choice.

Evoca Karisma Coffee Machine

Designed for day to day service in high-end hospitality environments, the Evoca Karisma Fresh Milk Coffee Machine is renowned for its outstanding dispense speed and high productivity. It offers a customisable range of hot drinks – made from authentic espresso beans, fresh milk or soluble chocolate – and features a built-in temperature probe steam wand.

Key Advantages;

  • Dispenses up to 200 cups per hour.
  • A built-in touch screen features a programmable menu.
  • Built-in milk foam technology results in foamy cappuccinos and lattes.


  • 200 cups per hour.

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