The Best Commercial Water Taps

Do you want to enjoy filtered water straight from the mains supply? From Borg & Overstrom to Billi, in this buying guide we’ll break down the best commercial water taps available to purchase on Oasis Coffee & Vending. 

Aqua Libra Commercial Water Taps

In any setting, hydration is key. But in the workplace, where our colleagues need to be alert, focused and productive, it’s vital. The staffroom kettle can only go so far, as can the luke-warm kitchen Evian bottles. But for ultra convenience, a commercial water tap is the solution you could be missing out on! 

Providing fresh, filtered water straight from the mains supply, water taps combine the power of a water boiler and cooler into one attractive, space-saving model. Heating and cooling almost instantly, they’re even time-saving throughout the busy working day. They have a high dispensing point, and are incredibly energy efficient – combining the latest tank technology and high grade insulation material with a standby mode.

However, with so many makes and models available on the vending market, it can be a challenge to understand which commercial water tap is right for you. 

What To Consider When Purchasing A Commercial Water Tap

Cold Water Tap


There’s plenty of factors to consider when buying any vending solution for your workplace. For example, you’ll need to understand the needs of your colleagues, average daily footfall and, importantly, space. 

Design & Finish 

Commercial water taps are an attractive vending solution. They tend to be both slender and modern, but do vary in individual design and finish. Some are mounted over an existing sink, whilst others are mounted on a separate front. 

To match the style of your office kitchen, it’s important to consider the overall look you’d expect from a commercial water tap – be it sleek chrome or black matte. 


The available space in your office kitchen is another important factor to consider when buying a commercial water tap. Though they are relatively space saving, when compared to water boilers and coolers, there are different dimensions to choose from. 

Functionality & Convenience

For maximum flexibility, you should explore the different functionalities of each water tap. Some options are fit with contactless technology to limit the spread of bacteria in the workplace, and others even feature sparkling water capabilities.


Everyone has different accessibility needs, so it’s important to ensure that your chosen water tap is easy for all to use. Take into consideration the height at which your water tap will be installed, and the safety features installed to prevent scalding or burns.

Cost & Commitment 

As an office or facilities manager, cost will already be a key driver behind your decision. For example, you may want to explore how much the tap will cost to run per day, or if there are economical shut-down options installed in off-peak hours. You’ll also need to decide whether to rent your commercial water tap, or purchase it outright. 


Now you’ve considered each of the available options, it’s time to choose a brand or model that will align with your needs as a workplace! 

The Best Commercial Water Taps On Oasis

Borg & Overstrom Commercial Water Taps

Borg & Overstrom Commercial Water Taps

Renowned for originality, Borg & Overstrom have delivered high-quality, pioneering innovation to the commercial market since 2001. Their products are used worldwide in a variety of settings, built to exceed typical vending expectations.

Our Recommendations Include; 

Borg & Overstrom U2 Water Cooler Unit; This undercounter water tap unit from Borg & Overstrom produces chilled, ambient and sparkling water. It’s simple to operate and maintain, with a high capacity output of 80 litres per hour. 

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Borg & Overstrom U1 Water Cooler Tap; Dispensing chilled, ambient and sparkling water, this undercounter water tap unit features a hygienic control panel. It consumes minimal amounts of energy, and dispenses up to 80 litres of drinking water per hour.

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Aqua Libra Commercial Water Taps

Founded in 2009 as The Boiling Tap Company, Aqua Libra design, manufacture, supply and maintain an industry-leading range of energy-efficient water dispensers. From smart touch taps to bottling systems, their products are among some of the most economical and technological.

Our Recommendations Include; 

Aqua llli Smart Touch Tap; A three-in-one touch tap, the Aqua Illi is built in modular form for easy and economical adaptability. Dispensing purified boiling, chilled, sparkling or ambient water, it’s completely customisable and easy to maintain. 

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Aqua Alto Tap; A three-tap, single-base unit, the Aqua Alto is a vibrant solution with a high-capacity dispense and infinite choice of colour. Its energy consumption is approximately half that of equivalent competitors, and it dispenses up to 180 cups per day.

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Cosmetal Commercial Water Taps

The largest Italian manufacturer of drinking water solutions, Cosmetal boasts one of the most extensive ranges in the sector. Founded in the late 1950’s as a craft company, Cosmetal has diversified overtime to deliver hot, cold and sparkling vending models to the worldwide market.

Our Recommendations Include; 

Cosmetal Cobra Twin Water Tap; A sleek and modern water dispensing solution, the Cosmetal Cobra provides up to 30 litres of chilled water every hour. It can be set up to dispense sparkling water, and is finished in easy-to-clean chrome.

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Cosmetal Drink Tower Water Tap; Electronically controlled, this option from Cosmetal dispenses large quantities of ambient and chilled drinking water. With a hygienic control panel system and filter alarm, it’s user-friendly and technologically sound. 

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