The Best Commercial Vending Machines For Business

Looking for drink and snack solutions on the go? In any setting, commercial vending machines are guaranteed to deliver a range of options for your colleagues, patients and clients. From Westomatic to Crane, in this buying guide we’ll highlight the best vending machines for business – each available to buy or lease on Oasis Coffee & Vending.

Commercial Vending Machines For Business

Did you know that we imported 67.7 million pounds worth of developed vending machines into the UK between 2011 and 2017? An increasingly popular self-service option, commercial vending machines provide drink and snack options on the go. 

As products develop, touchscreen technology and contactless payment options have seen the industry thrive. And with recent developments even resulting in extra income for employers, sales aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

However, with such a vast range of choice, how do you choose the right commercial vending machine for your business? In this buying guide, we’ll highlight the key factors you should consider when making a purchase, alongside the best options on Oasis Coffee & Vending.

What Are The Benefits Of Vending Machines For Business?

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There are multiple benefits of vending machines for both employers and employees. More than just providing drink and snack options on the go, they can significantly improve operations and company culture. 

Low Overhead Costs

Convenient and affordable to run, vending machines require a fraction of the budget needed to run a manned concession stand or cafeteria. They are un-staffed, and require minimal amounts of electricity to run 24/7. 

Boost Staff Morale 

Did you know that happy employees are 13% more productive? Providing accessible food and drink options proves to your staff that you care for their happiness, morale and wellbeing. 

Options For Extra Income 

Large-scale snack vending machines can lead to increased revenue, by encouraging your staff to remain on-site to purchase food and drink rather than visit the local shop. 

Promotes Health & Wellness 

Vending machines for business are customisable, meaning that you can choose the options inside. By filling it with nutritious drinks and snacks, you can promote healthy eating in the workplace that boosts energy.

What Should I Consider When Buying Vending Machines For Business?

Commercial Vending Machines For Business

Your Colleague’s Needs 

Before purchasing or leasing a commercial vending machine, it’s important that you understand the needs of your colleagues and overall business. 

Typically, businesses invest in vending solutions to boost staff engagement, enhance guest experience and increase productivity. To ensure those results, consider; 

  • Your colleague’s dietary requirements; will the vending machine include dairy-free and gluten-free snack and drink options? 
  • Nutrition; healthy snacking tends to increase brain power. 
  • Balance; a balanced diet is key, so ensure that your vending machine hosts a range of options. Sometimes, a chocolate bar is a must! 


Size & Location 

How much space is available in your office? To maximise the chances of earning profit, vending machines for business are typically placed in key locations with high customer traffic. 

It’s important to avoid locations that are out of sight, or feature existing vending solutions nearby. And remember to measure your space beforehand, so you aren’t met with issues of size upon delivery. 


Ease Of Use 

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a commercial vending machine is its ease of use. Typically, you’ll want a solution that is quick, easy and effortless to use. The more tricky it is to operate, the less likely customers are to use it. 


Managed Options 

Do you have the time to manage your vending solution? At Oasis Coffee & Vending, we provide managed options for every product leased through our service. We maintain and fix any issues that appear, and restock the machine when its products are running low. 

What Commercial Vending Machine Is Right For Me?

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Cold Drinks Vending Machines

Crane BevMax Media 2 Cold Drink Machine 

Fully automatic, with options for contactless and coin payments, the Crane BevMax Media 2 features a maximum capacity of 315 options. Fit with a SAFEtouch Antimicrobial film, it keeps your colleagues safe from the spread of bacteria. And with a multimedia advertisement screen, it can drive impulsive and multi-product sales. 

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Westomatic Easy 6000 Food Snack Vending Machine 

A simple solution that is both easy to maintain and clean, Westomatic’s Easy 6000 is built with retractable pull out drums for fast and easy stock replenishment. It can stock up to 144 products, ranging from chilled meals to small confectionery items, and features an energy efficiency rating of A for low operating costs. 

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Snack Vending Machines

Coffetek Palma H70 Snack Machine 

A flexible vending solution with fully adjustable shelving and a programmable thermostatic control system, Coffetek’s Palma H70 can display up to 42 different product options. Built with a triple glazed front panel and steel selection buttons, it makes vandalism difficult so that your profits are protected. 

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Westomatic Snackpoint Duo L 

Designed to be operator friendly, the Westomatic Snackpoint Duo L features lightweight shelving for simple stocking, alongside a slide out refrigeration unit for effortless maintenance. Built with Westomatic’s SecureVend technology, it’s even guaranteed to return money should dispensing fail. 

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