The Best Commercial Water Boilers

Looking to invest in a new vending solution? From Bravilor to Lincat, in this buying guide we’ll highlight the best commercial water boilers available to rent or purchase on Oasis Coffee & Vending.


Water boiler and cooler duo with coffee cups

When you’re tired of waiting for your turn with the break room kettle, water boilers are an essential tool in any commercial setting! Simple to use and easy to clean, they provide hot, filtered water at the tap of a button. A long-lasting solution for those areas with heavy footfall, they’re large in capacity, automatically reheat and are often delivered with commercial warranties. 


A water dispenser with hot and cold options.

What To Look For In A Commercial Water Boiler

Dispensing Point & Capacity

Capacity represents the amount of water that the boiler can carry in its internal tank. A larger capacity solution can take longer to reheat, but smaller capacity will need to be filled more often – if not connected to mains water supply. 

Countertop Or Free Standing 

For smaller venues, countertop water boilers are an ideal solution. If space isn’t an issue, free standing water boilers are popular configurations. 

Mains Connection Or Refill

Some commercial water boilers require constant refilling, whereas others have access to a mains water supply. Mains connection water boilers tend to be best for venues with high footfall, whereas smaller settings may benefit from a refill boiler instead. 

Water Filtration 

Water boilers with built-in filters ensure the highest quality of clean drinking water. They also reduce the wear and tear seen on the inside of the tank. Though, they do require costly filter replacements.

Energy Efficiency

With the cost of living dramatically rising in the UK, you should select a commercial water boiler that is energy efficient. The larger the wattage in power, the less efficient the boiler typically is.

Manual Fill Commercial Water Boilers

Bravilor commercial water boiler


Otherwise known as urns, manual fill commercial water boilers are ideal for offices, educational and healthcare settings with limited access to a mains water supply. They’re fit with a lid to easily remove and refill the internal tank.

Bravilor HW 500 Hot Water Boiler

Electrically heated, and built with a controllable thermostat, Bravilor’s HW 500 Series can quickly produce filtered hot water. Fit with an indicator light, the machine will let you know when the water is at the right temperature. Moreover, a gauge glass with a visible water level can prepare you to refill when necessary.

Key Advantages;

  • Controllable thermostat
  • Up to 16Ltrs
  • Non drip tap

Automatic Fill Commercial Water Boilers

Lincat filter flow commercial water boiler


Directly connected to a mains water supply, automatic fill commercial water boilers usually sit in coffee shops or self service canteens. They’re time-saving and low on effort when compared to their manual counterparts.

Lincat FilterFlow EB3FX Water Boiler 

The Lincat FilfterFlow EB3FX Water Boiler is a space-saving option for offices, hospitality venues and beyond. It’s fit with a built-in filtration system to improve water quality and reduce scale build-up. Operated from a large touchscreen display, both temperature and timer are simple to adjust. And built with an intuitive eco setting, it reduces the volume of boiling water by up to 50% during quieter periods.

Key Advantages; 

  • Up to 15Ltrs
  • Temperature and timer adjustable 
  • Intuitive economical setting

Bravilor HWA 3 Hot Water Boiler 

The Bravilor HWA 3 Hot Water Boiler is classically designed. Built with multiple practical features – including digital control, one touch boil mode and a shutdown timer – it’s an all-round popular choice for 120+ cups of hot water per day. Fit with insulation materials, it efficiently reduces the use of energy by minimising heat loss.

Key Advantages;

  • Digitally controlled & intuitive
  • Up to 15Ltrs
  • Energy efficient

Electric Airpot Commercial Water Boilers

buffalo electric airport commercial water boiler


The smallest type of commercial water boiler, electric airpots are most similar to kettles. Light duty and portable, they’re ideal for office meeting rooms and smaller functions.

Buffalo Electric Airpot

Available to purchase on Oasis Catering Supplies, the Buffalo Electric Airpot provides a hot water solution in settings where a regular kettle won’t cut it. Easy to use, and with a generous 4.7Ltr capacity, it quickly heats to the desired temperature and safely keeps water ready to dispense. Fit with a sturdy carry handle, it’s also easy to transport from one venue to the next.

Key Advantages;

  • Transportable – from venue to venue
  • Built-in safety features
  • Fast heating

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