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Office Coffee Machines


The Project: 

To provide employees with premium coffee machines throughout the office, dispensing barista-style drinks.

We Delivered: 

High end, fresh milk, bean to cup office coffee machines for building break-out areas. These were accompanied by modern snack machines.


Increased employee retention throughout the day & a boost to productivity.

The Brief

The Client noticed that their staff were heading out onto the high street for fresh milk based coffees. To increase productivity and to offer their staff the same quality drinks, we were tasked with resourcing high-end, fresh milk, bean to cup office coffee machines for break-out areas across the building.

They also wanted to replace their existing snack machines.

They wanted their existing operator to stay on to look after the machines.

Office Coffee Machines
Office Snack Machines

The Solution

We worked with one of our trusted suppliers to present a suitable fresh milk bean to cup coffee machine. We offered the Client the opportunity to trial the machine at their site. They were so impressed with the quality of the drinks, ease of use and ease of cleaning that they installed eight machines across their site.

The Client was impressed with the touchscreen options available on the Crane Merchant Media snack machine and the Crane Bev Max Media screens and we installed several machines into the break-out areas.

Ongoing Support and Service

The Client has an Oasis onsite operator who fills and cleans the machines on a daily basis. We service and maintain machines when required and deliver goods to the site.

Vending machines in an office

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